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Topic: How did we miss this video?

Well, anyone reading this surely has seen the posting on TTAC, but for posterity, this article:

http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2016/0 … r-america/

and video:


shows America at its glorious finest!

(Though I still tense up when I see the people getting in the car or raising the rear hatches.   "Watch out where you put your hands, you idiots!" I think.  "That car is going to cut you or smack you in the head. . . again!)

Re: How did we miss this video?

The end of the TTAC article says... "The message of “K Car Superstar” is this: if you can handle having good personal grooming habits and a positive outlook on life, you could be Dodge (Aries) material."

Doesn't that eliminate anybody involved with LeMons? Or has the statute of limitations run out and the Masons/Illuminati can't enforce the "No K-Cars for Shirkers" rule?

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Re: How did we miss this video?

I want to be a K car superstar...

Re: How did we miss this video?

dale.furno wrote:

I want to be a K car superstar...

Stay tuned.....

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