Topic: Connecticut team looking for Driver/Mechanic Stamford,ct.

Hey everyone,
                       After my past 2 experiences racing in Lemons, I have decided to attempt to put together a competitive car. Plans were already in motion since last March, but with time always looming around I am finding my skills et is not enough to get my car up and running prior to NJMP 2017. Although I know eventually I will have the car running in Lemons, I feel without a dedicated driver/Mechanic to help me out, I will be missing a majority of the 2017 season with my car.

We can discuss details and such privately. I am looking for someone or multiple people that don't mind working and driving a Honda. Please contact me with any questions or inquiries. I would love to have someone that is dedicated to this endavour as much as I am, but I also understand that we have our own lives with our own priorities to take care of first.

Send me a message from the forum. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope someone will fit perfectly with myself along with the people that are around the support effort for this car to go racing :-)

- Alex

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