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I want to live stream our teams next race at Gingerman in April.  I would like to know what the best set-up would be for the car.  I would like to be able to use Wi-Fi enabled webcams mounted within/outside of the car that will connect directly(wireless) to a streaming service site.  I will be using a Verizon Jetpack MIFI device in the car to create the signal.  Is all of this possible?  Have any of you had success with particular components(cameras, hotspots, supporting websites, etc.)?  I would like to stay away from mounting a phone in the car for video if possible to stream to racecast but will entertain the idea if there are success stories.  I am open to anything that works effectively and isn't a hassle.

Thanks for your help.

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*edit* Cute. That's something "ThatOtherSeries" would do, too. Replace "thatotherseries" in the link with "chumpcar"

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