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Topic: Raleigh, NC, '92 Escort GT $500 - Race Now!

1992 Escort GT - Car $500 - Safety equipment $3000.
Very quick Escort GT. 24 Hrs of Lemons legal.
Comes with log books and setup data.

This car has been used for road course racing only, no dirt or rally racing.
Sold as 24hrs of Lemons race package and appropriate receipts to be provided.

Ready to race today!
Racecar Package is the only way this will be sold. Parting out items is not possible.

Notable 2016 lap times:
1:57 at CMP
2:25 at VIR (Full)
1:46.1 at VIR (North)
Multiple top 10 finishes and a 5th overall in other series
Multiple LeMons top 10s and an overall 24hrs of Lemons Class B win.
Will race 2 hours before fueling at VIR, CMP and Summit Point.
Will out brake and out handle 90% of cars in these series and more importantly, it finishes races.

CMP Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLXjvmtHjds

As much fun as you will ever have in a race car.
(We are selling to race a different series in an E36.)

Fresh install of a NA BP 1.8L with 60K miles (from an automatic Escort GT).
Baffled oil pan
Limited slip diff (by MFactory, www.teammfactory.com)
Kia Sephia transmission
15 gallon ATL Certified fuel cell & collector box
Roll cage (1.75" x .120" DOM cage tubing)
Corbeau seat, 5pt harness
Plumbed fire suppression system (covers engine, interior and fuel cell)
Strut tower brace
Short throw shifter
Heated defogger on glass windshield
Coilover kit on KYB struts
Aftermarket sway bars

1.8L BP engine from Mazda GTX. (5K miles on engine rebuild) - Turbo may need a rebuild.
Microsquirt ECU specific to this platform. Easy to install, tune and manages turbo or NA.
OEM transmission
10 wheels/tires (2 tires are new)
Hawk Blue pads and practice spares
Lots of spare parts (distributor, belts, hoses, bushings, shocks etc.)

Bring a trailer!
This is a fantastic package to get you racing now ...instead of buying a junker, gutting, cutting, caging, then building and locating spares. Be ready now instead of taking months or years to get something ready.
https://images.craigslist.org/00o0o_l6d … 00x450.jpg

Re: Raleigh, NC, '92 Escort GT $500 - Race Now!

This car isn't still available is it?

Re: Raleigh, NC, '92 Escort GT $500 - Race Now!

It is.however,  we have someone coming to look the first weekend in June. If he does not go through for some reason I will reach out.

Re: Raleigh, NC, '92 Escort GT $500 - Race Now!

If this wasn't already spoken for/reserved I'd be planning a trip to Raleigh to buy this. Please let me know as well if the sale falls through!