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Topic: Austin TX 93 Toyota Corolla -Passed Tech in May 17 -Needs engine- $850

We just finished building a new car and I don't have the space to store 2 cars or the time to maintain both of them, so it's time to sell the old car.

1993 Toyota Corolla with a 1.6L engine and 3 speed automatic transmission.  The car is located in Austin, TX and I maybe able to arrange delivery to someone in the greater Austin area.

This can be a good class C car for a team.  The previous owners won class C in the car, and it ran a 2.07 at MSR Houston last November.

The good:
-Lemons/Chump legal cage
-Plumbed for a SPA fire suppression system (includes 6mm tubing and 3 nozzles), you just need to buy a bottle.
-Includes a Kirkey race seat and Sparco sliders (the seat is not currently mounted, and minor modifications will need to be made to the bracket)
-Includes a 6 point harness dated around Oct of 2016
-Includes 2 kill switches wired in series, meeting the Tech requirements for both Lemon's and Chumpcar
-Includes a window net and associated hardware
-Both front wheel bearings replaced this year.  There are 3 race days on the front right, and about 2 hours on the front left.
-Upgraded springs and front sway bar
-Almost brand new left rear strut.  It was replaced about an hour before the car died.
-Includes 3 good spare steel wheels with tires.  A couple of tires still have good tread on them.  I've got a 4th spare wheel that is slightly bent and also has a usable tire on it.
-Alternator replaced in Nov of 2016, has a lifetime Napa warranty
-Steering Rack replaced in March of 2017 has a lifetime Advanced Auto Parts warranty  (digital receipt will be provided)
-CV Axels replaced in March of 2017
-Removable steering wheel

-A box of various spare parts

The bad:
- I suspect the head/block is either cracked or warped.  We replaced the head gasket at the last race and the car was still leaking water and oil  It eventually got so hot that it melted the threads on the oil cap and there was a small fire on the exhaust manifold (there was no major damage to the car from the fire)

- It likely needs a new radiator due to a futile attempt to stop the head leak with Blue Devil and head gasket repair goo.

- There maybe a problem with the distributor, the car doesn't always start when its hot, although if you pull an engine from the junkyard, it will likely include the distributor.

$25 for the car, $825 for the roll cage, seat and harness


Re: Austin TX 93 Toyota Corolla -Passed Tech in May 17 -Needs engine- $850

Very fun car!!  I am one of the previous owners won class c with it.

Perfect beginning race car as actually handled pretty well
By doenst have enough power to get you into to much trouble.

Re: Austin TX 93 Toyota Corolla -Passed Tech in May 17 -Needs engine- $850

We are interested.   In DFW area. Just sent you email.

Re: Austin TX 93 Toyota Corolla -Passed Tech in May 17 -Needs engine- $850

bump, price reduced, pics added