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Topic: Seats for HN 2 openings in the DR Volks TDI Beetle

We have run in Chump, Lime Rock last year and this year at Wakin Glen did very good top 30th over all out of 105 cars.
It is some thing to drive a well tuned TDI off a tight turn, go to my site you can view the car and my YouTube for in car video

Hello everyone I am glade to tell you I will be racing the updated DRVOLKS TDI Beetle now called the Boston Smoker  we will be smoking brisket and pork belly in a smoker on the back of the car Yum Yum!!
I have updated the frontend with a more lower cost strut and coil over package and added adjustable  front and rear sway bar kit ( may test ) . Installed the stock size turbo most of you have driven and tuned it to really pull of those tight turns.
Updated the radios with Nascar setup and added a nice 30qt cool suit cooler if needed.  I will be testing at Thompson next month too. Last test day at Thompson  we got it down to 1.34 with the sway bar arms locking the suspension in every turn fixed that!!   I think the car will pass the $500 Chump rule and make it in to Lemon without any added laps that’s the plan
I will be driving with my brother Rich and will be testing on Friday there too.
My plan is to sell 2 seats for Saturday and Sunday and time on Friday to test.
I plan to get a garage for all three days.
Friday test is open for $75 per driver
And two days 22-23 is $700 is for the weekend both days  1 hr and 30+ min per day and you will help with pit stops and fueling .
If you crash it you pay to fix it  as we all now but you guys have skill  so small stuff I will take care of. Let me know I will take PayPal at my site must be paid up front.
As some of you know my brother Rick has owned a SK Modified for many years and has driving and build circle cars for over 40 years so he has some good skill sets to learn from plus he builds killer smokers too he is a great cook too.
You will need all your own safety stuff and Lemon card and a few really races under our belt and a car own for me to talk with.
Let me know.
Bob Mann
Bob Mann

Re: Seats for HN 2 openings in the DR Volks TDI Beetle

One seat left
Bob Mann

Re: Seats for HN 2 openings in the DR Volks TDI Beetle

I predict his VW is going to be reliable...maybe too reliable for Lemons....and I told him he is likely to get penalty laps in Class A...but it is his first Lemons race, and he is not too gung-ho for winning the race, and really just wants to try it and compare it to the other league he has raced in....and this is all he has for his first LeMons race...
His car is likely on the quicker side, so might not be good for a novice wheel-to-wheel driver.
So with 4 drivers, you should get 3+ hours in a fast reliable car...with someone who knows how to fix 'em


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Re: Seats for HN 2 openings in the DR Volks TDI Beetle

Hello we track tested it a Thompson Wednesday  with a few setups had the track to our self's  3 race cars and a stock Corvette .
Tom who signed up brought his Spec  Miata   so we switched out a bunch of times one great day. So the car is ready for NH still looking for one more driver or for one day let me know.
Bob Mann

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Re: Seats for HN 2 openings in the DR Volks TDI Beetle

Still have a seat open
I have the car all prepped and ready the last rainy weekend helped  .
Bob Mann

Re: Seats for HN 2 openings in the DR Volks TDI Beetle

Seats filled .
Thank you all  .
Some how  Paul never got  my message from the site and has to pay the late fee.
I Know all about rules and regulations German wife!!!
Bob Mann