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Hello this is Jim Whitley owner of Roll Cage Components, we would personally like to thank all customers who have purchased from us and were extremely grateful for your business. First we would like to clear the air and informed the Lemons racers on somethings that has happened to us at the beginning of 2017. The company was hit with a large volume of business that we had never witnessed since being in business since July 2004 and that totally caught us off guard. While this was happening the company had to deal with employee's leaving us on short notice and not giving the proper time to train and get people in place. It's not easy to teach people overnight to learn the process's involved to do this type of work. Second my father has been in the hospital dealing with issues that put my family on edge not knowing what the outcome would be in his recovery or if he would ever leave. At this time the family is still dealing with that now and it has taken alot my time on taking care of him and trying to keep Roll Cage Components going. Third we would like tell existing and future customers that we will strive to make our products be the best on the market and to take care of your needs. We have started to stay in contact more with Jay now even though we talked periodically in years past to stay on top of Lemons changes that might have incurred.  Fourth we would like to thank customers for your patience's with us because at times we get so overwhelmed and the communication suffers, it needs to be better and were well aware with that and production needs to be quicker. Lastly in the years doing this i can say with a straight face and clear conscience i have NEVER tried to steal or take someones money and not produce the product to meet there needs never have nor will i ever do it now. I hope this informs the racers and crew members of Lemons you have a wonderful series and hopefully i can attend more events this year and meet everyone.
                Thank You for Business and Understanding at this time, it means alot
                               Jim Whitley

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I know I don't frequent the forums much any more, but I have to comment on this. I was talking to Jim this morning on the phone, and he told me of the challenges he's been facing the last couple of months. I've personally caged dozens of LeMons and dirt track cars with his excellent cages, and he is my go-to guy, every time. He is personable, even though he doesn't usually have time to chit chat. He is professional---his customers get what they paid for, and his cages are top notch. He is honest, and if a delay is unavoidable, he will let you know why, and work hard to rectify the matter. He has personally come in early and stayed late to finish bending my cages in the past, while I waited. I have a manual tubing bender, but for what the metal stock cost and the time it takes, his cages are a no-contest bargain over DIY bending. He also does quality installs when he has time.

If you are looking for a cage, he's a great option. If you are waiting for a cage from him, please be patient. His helper was key to getting all the cages bent, notched, and shipped, and he just quit out of the blue. Proper cages are an art form, and finding/training a replacement doesn't happen overnight. Family should always come first, and his extremely ill father has needed him the last few weeks as well. Keep that in mind please, if you are waiting on your order...


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The cage kit for our car was awesome and Jim was a great guy to deal with. When I do my next car I know who I will be buying it from!

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I have to say that Jim and RCC are excellent to work with. He builds a great product at a reasonable price. I can't imagine buying a cage from anyone else.


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I am a very happy customer.  The cage we got from you passed Lemons tech the first time without issue.  It now has 11 races on it.  Never an issue.  The trying times will pass. Stay strong.  Communicate with your customers.  They will understand if they know the situation.  I hope the best for you and your family.  If we build another car, it will have a RCC cage.  No doubt about that fact.

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I too have to say that I got a great cage kit from Jim at RCC.  With the VERY detailed measurements I sent him, he sent a cage that fit like a glove in my Pinto!   He will be my first call for my next build.


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I've used three from RCC.  Everyone fit perfect.  The X-Type we race he didn't have specs for and I'm not competent enough to measure it so he found one in a scrapyard and took the measurements himself.  I will not hesitate to use his cage for our next build as well.

Thanks for your help Jim!

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1+. It might take some extra time in late winter/early spring (sur-prise), but those cage kits are always a great fit, and honestly I have a hard time buying raw steel tubing that cheap. If you want to weld your own cage but don't have the equipment/experience to do the bends yourself, one of Jim's kits plus a welder and an angle grinder is all you need (although a cheapo HF tubing notcher can speed things up, too).

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Jim is a quality individual  When he bent our cage he went to the boneyard twice, to make sure the measurements were dead-balls on.

I'll be buying all my future cages from him, as well.

Hang in there Jim, it will get better.

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For a while I think I was the only one I ever heard that had an issue with an order. I ordered an E36 kit a bit over a year ago, and it came missing a bar. It wasn't a critical bar, but it was marked on the packing slip and then not there. Never got a response back about it. Oh well, stuff happens.

I'm finally installing that kit now, and i have to say the fit is dead on. I"m super happy with how it's coming out. And I have a few long enough pieces of tube left over that I cut out of the Daytona that I can use to replace the missing one. Next time I need to do a cage I'm pretty sure I'll order from RCC again.

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