Topic: NJMP - Local Driver Looking for Seat

I am looking for an open seat at the upcoming NJMP race.  I've never done LeMons before however here is some "resume" type stuff:

   - Approx 40-50 days HPDE in my E36 M3.  (WGI, LRP, Palmer, Tbolt, Lightning, PittRace, Summit Main)
   - In advanced or open run groups with Chin, SCDA, PCA, Trackmasters, etc
   - I drive with lots of mechanical sympathy.  I won't beat your gearbox or engine up trying to get another half second per lap.

Other good things:
   - I do all work on my car except alignments so I can spin a wrench
   - If you have a generator, I can bring my welder
   - Can bring other specialized tools if needed
   - No delusions that I'm Sebastian Vettel.  Will stay within limits of car and keep it out of potentially dangerous positions on track.
   - Very easy going and excited to learn w2w
   - I enjoy beer

Shoot me a PM if you have a spot available!