Topic: 2 rookies looking for a seat at NJMP

Hello All!

Me and my brother would love to get into our first LeMons race at NJMP, since it is closest to us. Looking to have a good time and meet some great people while doing it.

thank you

Re: 2 rookies looking for a seat at NJMP

At this point I don't have any seats open, but if you want to check out the race feel free to stop by team Glue Sticks.  We'll have 3 cars painted like my profile picture.  There are a couple teams looking for drivers in you check out that section of the forum.

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Re: 2 rookies looking for a seat at NJMP

If you give more details about who you are, your experience, the sorts of cars you are looking to drive (fast and chesty or slow and full of character, etc), where you live, and if you can help work on the car, you'll get a much better chance of a good response.  Basically, why would someone want you on their team?

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