Topic: Texas Tippin' - who's in?

The big purple Olds 98 will be careening round MSR trying to crack 300 laps for the weekend. Who are we going to see passing us? :-)

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Speedy Monzales is in.  We have to address brake issues.  Sunday of last race they shook the car so bad the exhaust fell off and battery no longer holds a charge.  With camaro brakes, we will dominate!

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The Lowball Gremlin will be there and with any luck we will be under 8 black flags for the weekend......

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FOG Racing and the Mighty Mitsusaurus Wrecks plan on being there - we only have to install our junkyard motor and should be good to slow..oops go

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Well, some or all of Team DadBod will be there but not driving.  We would like to volunteer our time to a local team that needs some help in the paddock area.  Wrenching, filling fuel jugs, changing tires, just nothing too illegal.

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The Dirty Some Beach will be there under the Inglorious Bastards banner - driving down from Dallas.  If anyone has some space for my pit cart (It's 11' long) I'd like to get it down there as well.

I'll probably head South Thursday afternoon if anyone else is planning on doing the same.


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EVR will be there with the Dart. We've been busy with other projects and haven't touched the car since November. It still needs a new steering column, which I'm sure will happen with no complications and plenty of time to spare.

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We will be there. Will have a rookie driver joining our crew so best bet is to give the Hatsune Miku Special a wide berth at all times. smile

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Tetanus Racing will be there with one or more cars.

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