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At our last race, we experienced some problems with the radio system. Sounded Okay when talking, but when I released the PTT button we got an extremely loud popping/staticy burst through the speakers or ear buds. This is the first time we've seen this. Anybody have an "aha!" type explanation of what we might have been seeing?

  Using Motorola CP200XLS UHF radios and external roof mounted antennae.


Re: Radio questions

Failing PTT switch not releasing connection sharply?

How does it sound on the other side with the squelch off?

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Re: Radio questions

That's a good thought. But we are getting the same thing when either radio releases the on-radio talk button or PTT in the car.  I do have more than one PTT button for the car that I can test with as I try to eliminate variables.

  Thanks for your thoughts.