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Early 90's vintage Volvo 850 wagon for sale.  6 time LeMons/Chump car veteran, with 3 finishes (including a true 24 hour in West Palm).  5 speed, a few sneaky cheaty bits we can't talk about here, and a pretty kick-ass junk yard suspension set up.  Handles and brakes great, but will need a new engine before either of those attributes can be fully appreciated.  Never failed tech. 

Lovely primer gray right now, so basically a blank canvas for some creative mind with a few cans of spray paint.  Gutted, custom cage, plexi windows, sunroof delete, pretty cool push button start and custom dash, and taking up space in my driveway.

Includes 3 complete sets of mounted tires (some never used), a bunch of spare crappy parts that are better off in your garage than mine, and a lingering aura of occasional glory and crushing failure.  Perfect for a new LeMons team just setting out with some basic mechanical skills and a reluctance to spend money on things like roll cages.

$1250 for the whole lot.  That's of course $250 for the car and $1000 for the safety equipment.  Pick up preferred, but I have a trailer and can work with any potential buyers on reasonable delivery terms.  Located between Mt. Airy and Westminster, MD.

Contact me directly for more information or pictures (like those will help):

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Text me some pics? 610-312-4269

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I also have a bunch of questions so hit me up

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Update - Purchase price now includes a 2.3 turbo motor and a free motor stand with a wonky wheel.  Engine is in the truck bed and car is loaded on the trailer, so I am happy to negotiate delivery within a reasonable distance of the Baltimore/DC area.  Unreasonable distances also considered, as I could use a good road trip... 

Contact me directly at with questions, insults, etc.


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I have a bit of a thing for Volvo 850's. I sent you an email.