Topic: CB Radios?

Does anyone here run a CB radio during the rally? I picked up a Cobra 19 Plus at a flea market this weekend for $5 and plan on installing it in the Escort. I know literally nothing about CB radios, but I plan on picking up a short 3' Fire Stik antenna and hooking everything up.

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Re: CB Radios?

They're on the unofficial "you might want to have" list.

Not so much for communication uses, but for general hooptyness and shenanigans.

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Re: CB Radios?

The Lowballers ran them for the winter rally. Resulted in some interesting conversations with the judges about missing turns due to Danger Zone karaoke.

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Re: CB Radios?

The only time I really used our was for BS'ing with the teams we were working with, or letting everyone know I was getting pulled over

That being said, there's already one in my wagon

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Re: CB Radios?

I picked one up at the walmart in Minneapolis on the way down. I wasn't really intending to, but I was wandering through the walmart after spending the night in the parking lot there while waiting for Napa to open, and I noticed they had one, but no price tags to be found. After it took three early sunday morning walmart employees twenty minutes just to get the display case open for a price check, it seemed rude not to buy it. Also got an antenna.
I wired it up at the hotel in Scranton around midnight. It picked some stuff up, but we were never sure we were ever sending anything. At some point I realized that the random key-on powered socket I wired it into was actually part of the dash light circuit, meaning reception clarity dramatically improved with the rheostat cranked, but we still weren't ever sure if we were broadcasting.