Topic: Pickup truck roll cage questions

We have an '84 nissan 720 pickup - roof MIA. When buiding our rollcage, everybody aims for the shocktowers. The back of this truck has leaf springs and shocks not mounted to the wheel-wells.

We were thinking about landing the backstays on the top-front corner of the wheelwell. It's 45 degrees, seems like it would spread the load fairly well, but it's not a shock tower. Is that kosher? Open to suggestions.

Re: Pickup truck roll cage questions

I'm not familiar with the truck but if it is a body on frame (and I just looked it up and it is), then tech wants to see the back stays land on the frame (cutting through the bed).

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Re: Pickup truck roll cage questions

Thanks for the quick reply, I'm glad I asked. Just to be clear, we can still weld the other 4 spreader plates to the floor of the cab,  correct?

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Body on frame, they want to see the cage connected to the frame.  Often frnt stays will land on a body mount.  Main hoop...rarely.

Re: Pickup truck roll cage questions

There's been a number of truck's run so there should be a few good examples, but yes, mount everything on the frame. Build outriggers if needed.

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