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Topic: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

Set on our facebook page:
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= … 1427714876

For the non-facebook types (and the unabridged version)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/churchofbk … 309313669/

To all the "No way that's $500" comments, I'll let the Lemons facebook post speak for us: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= … 0199759495 wink

Contrary to what Jay said at the end of the race, we actually did over 60 laps (as if that were an achievement).  It should be known that the car didn't move under it's own power until 11pm the night before.  Amongst the myriad of problems that we solved at the track (blown intake gasket, bad wiring, pinched fuel hose, tires rubbing on sharp metal, cracked radiator, broken water pump/alternator belt to name a few), we had a binding throttle cable that never gave us more than 75% throttle; more often we got 40%. Mid-way through Sunday, we were only able to manage 3500 rpm down the back straight.  Fast time of the weekend was around 2:05.  Our best was 2:29, with lots of 3:00+ laps.

I reccon this car will be pretty good once we can give 'er all she's got.  Until then....

Some of my favorites:

After the race (much sexier from the rear):
IMG_3807 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

Johnny/Phil bet that the Chotus wouldn't make one lap its first time out... it didn't.  Johnny won:
IMG_3499 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

Phil enjoying our work:
IMG_3634 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

Smoke screen:
IMG_3629 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

Working on fixing the smoke screen:
IMG_3618 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

No fitment issues here:
IMG_3564 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

Period correct:
IMG_3830 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

IMG_3573 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

Our pit-mates/race/regional winners:
IMG_3827 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

The quite-possibly-made-for-us "Least from the Most" award:
IMG_3869 by ChurchOfBK, on Flickr

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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

Many congrats boys.  There's an elite near me that I've tried to buy but there's a language barrier, something about "no vende no vende."


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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow


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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

I love the car, especially the vintage paint job.  You might be better served by pulling the SBC and dropping in a 4.3 Chevy V6, a 3.8 Buick V6 (with or without a blower), or an aluminum Buick 215 V8.  It just seems wrong to put so much weight in the nose of such a great handling car.

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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

Yeah, you need to 'add some lightness'.

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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

As a smoke maker, you just about have it right.  Racecar - not so much.

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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

We didn't do this engine swap, it came to us this way. The VIN is 1974, and the engine is 1977. the SBC conversion had a lot of money spent on it, including rework on the frame to push the engine down and back, and newly laid fiberglass for hood and nose.

We're pretty sure it used to be a show car, we found a "look but don't touch" card behind the dash. All that says that the conversion happened in the late 70s'

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Re: B-Team - Just Plain Stupid (the Lotus Elite) pics from Buttonwillow

clearly it needed to be more "touched".  love it.  this is the sort of thing i love most about this race.

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