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Topic: Central Valley Air Injection Performance Technology


We needed some more freakin air under the hood for our hungry 2.8 liter V6.  I mean the thing was howling out in the middle of the night for more gas, more oil, hookers and o2.  I decided the only way to satiate this rotten animal was to build a Stockton inspired, air-through-hood induction concraption.  Fortunately, at my place of employment we make tiny villages, Gnome figurines and Frankenstein heads for movies, so we have a shop with some metal working tools to get this idea to fruition....  Add lightning and sick laughter and some sparks and whatnot and I give you thee Ford Capri hood scoop 101.

First off - you gotta search the internet for some faultliner who's done it before on his 1978 Dodge Magnum XE, published instructions and replicate it to fit your needs.

2. Go to recycled steel place and put down fifteen paperbacks on a sheet of 18 gauge steel and a perforated strip for the grill.

3. Drop another $10 on some spray paint that is sure to peel off in minutes under duress.

4 Finally - get some sticker paper from your graphic design stash (or that of Craig Sarachene) and print out your team logo for that extra shazam.

Now that you have your supplies -
A. draw your design on your hood.
B. Replicate it on a piece of cardboard and then on your 18 gauge steel.
C. Cut it with your jigsaw (with a freakin' steel cutting blade so you don't bum everybody out)
D. Cut your hood open so you get some air into your hungry powerplant
E. Bend it with the handy Steel Brake at work
F. Tack weld, then Bondo holes, then crap spray paint
G. Add your tough looking logo

and then it's on tiger.

If our car runs half as good as our hood scoop - we'll be jumping your car and your whole pit crew and then doing donuts in the KFC drive through whilst ordering a whole bucket of biscuits and gravy.

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That oughta flow more than this: http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v1481/188/124/36766739494/n36766739494_1218811_258.jpg

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Looks familiar...

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I ran the airfilter in side the car on Grinch and lemon demo

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It's also good to have Top Fuel power!


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By the way, I want one of those team stickers for my laptop.

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Beer cans make good scoop material, too:


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I don't understand...

What's that big metal thing doing over all y'all's engines?


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It Hides all the Cheatin'.