Topic: Two more favorite Lemons photos

A couple of shots from the Altamont '08 race, shot by Justice Lieberman's woman.

At least four of the cars in these photos (the Ecurie Ecrappe Alfa, the Caffeine Unlimited BMW E30, the Shelby Arr Model '65 Mustang, and the Size Matters Fiat Fury) will be at the Reno-Fernley race. That might be the D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. CRX in the background on the lower shot, making it five. See, even Altamont can't kill most Lemons cars!

Re: Two more favorite Lemons photos

The more I look at these kind of photos the more I'm amazed and scared that these kind of cars often hit 90mph plus in a wheel to wheel racing situation.  It's wonderful!