Topic: Pre-conditioned SHO for $300

Yep, since the motor is going to blow anyway, why not buy this one, push it through inspection and enjoy watching the rest of the race

   The motor comes in its natural state: inop   but hey, the car is only $300, surely you can make the Vulcan/Yamaha love child run for less than $200

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Re: Pre-conditioned SHO for $300

The V8 SHO's are bad about cam gears failing. Interferance motor. The auto trans won't last a day of racing. The V6's are much more reliable, like that's saying something.

Re: Pre-conditioned SHO for $300


never seen a SHO in that body style

fact is i didnt think they had an SHO in that gen

im used to the square body

someone should do a SHOGUN for Lemons SHO motor stuck in the back of a Festiva … un/188042/