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We've decided that the Kirkey seat in our Camaro just ain't going to work. There's this little issue of banging our elbows on the side bolsters. It hurts. If we do it for an hour or so it's really going to hurt. … _Seat.html

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We have an intermediate road race seat. You can mount those to the cage too, Kirkey makes a kit to facilitate doing just that. We have ours slide mounted to accommodate our varying driver sizes (5'6" to 6'8"), so you can do it that way too. Cheers.

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Did you ever think about trimming the kirkey seatback and bit or flaring out the bolsters so they do their job without inhibiting your movement?

Or you could just go for a good OMP Seat... they can be found for $300-600

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those side bolsters are supposed to be tight to your body.  try bending them in.

my concern would be the lack of holes in the sides of the seat for your lap belts to fit snugly.

and there does not appear to be a hole for your sub-belt either.

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Actually the cut outs in the side allow the belts to function properly. It's just an ugly way of doing it.

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I highly recommend NOT running this seat.  We had one for our first 3 races - it sucked.  Our armpits blistered, we couldn't see, we chafed.  AWFUL.

Now we have a Sparco seat.  Mucho mehor.

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+1 for the Kirkey Intermediate Road Race seat.

I sat in an 18" Butlerbuilt with a sprint wing bolted to it and it fit me like a glove. I asked my cagebuilder and got a very nice deal on the 18" Kirkey. Never sat in one ever.

Initially felt a bit tight, however, on the track, it was such a HUGE positive to my comfort that @ Nelson Ledges, I took fuel on twice (that's 2hrs of racing BETWEEN each pit) before I managed enough fatigue to feel anywhere near the 1.5hours in an OEM high-back sport seat with decent bolsters.

If you're near NW ohio/SE michigan (i suspect you're not) I can get you in touch with my cage guy and he can beat pretty much any of the big names online (summit, jegs, etc) for pricing on them.

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I run a narrow Sparco in my Corvette race car and love it. I actually have to squeeze into the seat. Once I'm on track I don't notice anything. I'm thinking right now that I should put the Sparco in the Camaro.

That means a couple of our drivers will have to go on a diet. … d=92348049

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We run Sparco Evo2 seats on three of our fleet cars and love them, but they are not cheap.

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