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Topic: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Some of you might remember it as a slow-poke white box that blocked your way on the track all the time, but stayed out there save a dropped exhaust pipe every now and again, two years ago.

Some of you might remember it as a rocket-fast yellow ball of awesome that blew past you... once, before breaking down AGAIN, damnit, and going back for repairs, early last year.

Some of you might even remember it as a single-gear, no-starter #404 that kept turning laps at New Hampshire despite all odds, and ALMOST succeeding at being fast AND reliable.

The car served us well but is now too dangerous to be allowed near the race track, and will serve as a warning to everyone - don't cut pieces you don't have replacements for, and don't learn to weld on anything faster than a bone-stock Cimmaron. It could maybe possibly be brought back to life but the combination of a monster engine, oversteer-prone craptastic rear suspension, and front subframe rusting in half means that the best fate for that car is to donate its go-fast bits to something safer, and, dare I say it, even more ridiculous. Watch this space for Stanza's revenge.

Celebration, I mean, um, services will be held this Wednesday evening at my temp Sputnik HQ in MD, after which the car will be promptly cut up into separate pieces with a sawzall/angle grinder. Anyone in the area who wishes to come help with disposal, say goodbye to the poor wagon, and get loaded on mojitos, is welcome to do so - drop me a line.

Hats off to the rust-spewing, axle-chewing, exhaust-dropping, 10-layers-of-paint Stanza Wagon. To steal a quote from NSF's Bob re: K-car, "I'll miss it... Like a hemorrhoid on my ass, I'll miss it".

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

So what failed tech?

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

The official reason was cutting "crash structure".

I was prepared to argue the purpose of headlight frames, hood-supporting horns and paper-thin inner fenders until cows come home. However, Jay's brief mention of rust holes, completely home-made suspension, and, um, absent subframe patched with a couple slices of angle iron sobered me up a bit.

Coupled with stuff I knew but didn't bother to mention, like rear suspension that doesn't change camber dynamically by design,  multiple rust holes, and rusty brake lines of which one already blew in a race at Summit, I've accepted the ruling as random but wise.  It was our first car, so a lot of things were done with wrong tools, in a wrong way, with a high potential for disaster.

I can't say that we broke a solid no-exceptions rule (heck, the airplane was missing ALL OEM metal above the first couple of feet), but, as always, using common sense and asking for advance permission before trying to use an old dune buggy seat as your inner fender is a good idea.

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

This still makes me sad. sad RIP Stanza.

That exhaust was a constant problem. Good memories from Summit Point though.


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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.


that clean sawzall cut is the primary trigger for retiring the Stanza

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Beat us by 200 laps..

This space for rent.

Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

I'll always remember the first time I saw that car, rolling into CMP on a rented trailer that February when I was playing co-judge to Phil.  And you guys kept getting black flags and coming in- you were the "Guinea Pigs" for my new penalty, the Maddening Metric-Standard 1990's Detroit Car Fastener Penalty, where I handed you a hubcap full of bolts and nuts and you had to make them all mate up.  Good times.

I also remember the debate between Phil, Jay, and I over IoE for that race, and you guys were in contention.  NSF ended up winning it with their _turrrrrrible_ Fury, but it was close.

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Thank you from the bottomest bottom of my heart for NOT arguing with Jay, getting that past tech & then putting my husband behind the wheel. It might be the over active hormones making me sappy, but I do like me an un-crumpled c_p_champion.

I am sad we're not close enough to take part in the send off. 'Cause I also loves me some Sawzall.

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

I have a fun memory from one of the Summit Point races, it was the end of the day, I'm out in the Wagovan, and I ended up in a 4 car battle with the Stanza, a Volvo wagon, and a Subaru wagon.   It was probably the best group of roadracing wagons ever.   RIP Stanza.

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Save a piece from it to put on your new car.  This way, it will always be with you.

You've got the K wagon for monticello, right?  So next build is for Summit?

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Correct - Monticello will be with Sentra and K-wagon.

Dvornik is busy morally preparing himself for the Summit build right now. It will be a fast-looking terrible piece of machinery that will barely do five laps, if that.

I'll certainly save a lot of pieces of the Stanza. One of my future builds needs good sheet metal for patching the floors, and Stanza happens to have a large, perfectly flat, well-preserved roof, for one. Naturally, we're saving the shocks, springs, brakes, and drivetrain, because those are way too awesome to just let go of.

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Wow. I just cut up a perfectly good car. It was more of a victim of un-preparedness than rust or cutting.

Seriously, if you want a solid, strong platform, take a Stanza wagon and bolt Altima rear subframe to it. Go fast in style. It'll take any Nissan V6 just fine, it's that sturdy. I went through a half-dozen blades.

Pics coming when I come back from Sonoma.

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

Video from Wednesday's post-mortem


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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

I remember the Stanza well from the first race with the Slant 6 E30, CMP short course.
We were coming down the front straight side by side deep into the braking zone. I glance over and see their front wheel locked up.  The BMW made it through on the inside and my teammates watched them go off through the beach. Not sure if they took out any of the extra penalty targets that were set up.

Fun times

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Re: RIP Sputnik Stanza Wagon.

It was fun watching Sputnik's roof wobbling through traffic. Gonna miss it.

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