Re: What exactly has been failing on the K-car lately?

Yeah, we spent most of the weekend fighting charging issues. Eventually we gave up, and I took it out to see how long the battery would last. It made almost three laps, including a great moment where Greg passed me in our other car on the back straight. Then it made a pop just after the Diamond's Edge and the motor stopped in a small cloud of white smoke. Reports from others tell me that we dumped some oil on the track and made someone behind us spin out, so my apologies for that. I didn't see any obvious block damage from a cursory glance, so I'm hoping it's just a head gasket. We won't have time to fix it before initiating Doug's mad genius plan to relay the thing up to the east coast, but considering what it looked like when we got it, I hope the next team can forgive us.

Two official laps, fast time of 2:37 on the first one. We beat all the cars that didn't start!

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