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I have a 2.5lb fire extinguisher but cannot seem to source a metal quick release style mounting bracket.  Everyone I look at is too large.  Has anyone come up with a source for these?

The cut-off switch I have is just two poles and that won't kill a car if connected to a battery line.  The alternator still powers the car.  My rudimentary thinking on just switching off the alternator is getting me into all kinds of trouble since I can see it killing the diodes or voltage regulator in the Alternator due to a voltage spike.  Can I just have a cut-off switch that kills the fuel pump.  Am I crazy in my thinking on the diodes.  How are other hondas (I have an '88 civic sedan) installing the cut-off switch.

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Dont worry, you aren't alone. We waisted a couple hours messing with wires to get to kill the car. Best we have found is to kill the alternator along with the battery feed. That is what we did on our Barbie Miata.

The braket can be found at a "true value" type hardware store. They have small metal ones that mount down and wrap around the middle of the ext.

I prefer shiner.

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Re: Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Cut-off switch

I bought our bracket at Grainger.

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I got our bracket from OG Racing when I bought our Longacre 4-pole kill switch. There has been some recent discussion on the Yahoo group about that same switch failing on the Eyesore miata (and other rides) but ours wasn't a problem and it definitely can be wired up to kill both the battery and alternator circuit. I don't think anyone has sorted out how they get killed or die, although there is some speculation that the switches tend to fail faster when exposed to high heat (like if mounted in or just above the engine. YMMV. Cheers.

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Re: Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Cut-off switch

West Marine store also carries the metal FE brackets.

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So, if you have a two post switch, can the alternator wires be wired to the same posts as the battery is will that not work?

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While this kill switch thing has been an ongoing area of confusion, it's really not that difficult.

We use a cheap two pole kill switch mounted just inside the driver's window.  It's protected from debris and weather while being accessible to the driver and people outside.

Most alternators send power out one main wire.  You can run that wire to the battery then the battery to the kill switch.  You can run them both to the same side of the kill switch.  Whatever, just keep them on one side of the kill switch.  Then run the power on the other side to the ignition system and the rest of the car.

Our car has huge wires to the kill switch which really aren't necessary, realized that yesterday on LeMon 2.  We could have run the alternator, battery and main power wire to the starter on one side of the kill switch.  Then run a moderate sized wire to one side of the switch.  From the other side of the switch, run power to the car's ignition system and dash and crap.  Clean, simple and effective.


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Check this out: