Topic: BMW knowledge needed at Thompson

Anyone at Thompson with some good BMW knowledge?  My team is up there with the car, and I'm four hours away with sick kids.  They'really saying the motor is blown, or at least a head gasket and are looking around for a replacement, or at least close enough. 

So, anyone know which engines are a "good enough" replacement for the M30 out of a 635 CSI? 

Also, anyone have an engine hoist we can borrow?  They'really saying it'll be quicker to pull the engine and replace it compared  to just doing the head gasket. 

The team is in Paddock B as far from pit out as possible.  Just look for the number 170 BMW.  It'll be hard to miss.  It'seems red and at the end of a trail of tears.  Or coolant.  But mostly tears.

Re: BMW knowledge needed at Thompson

I can delver an engine hoist this evening, no engine however.

Re: BMW knowledge needed at Thompson

Thank you - if we can find an engine I will let you know.