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Topic: Folk Racing - video just out

Now, I'm sure most all of the cool cats have heard about Folk Racing in Sweden, but for those who haven't here's the best video I've seen:

https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/videos/cr … lk-racing/

and it's Lemony all the way - but without the distraction of all those d*mn BMWs and Japanese cars! smile


And I like one line in the Wikipedia article:

"Because old road cars are used up in folkrace, retro and antique car enthusiasts talk about "the folkrace death": Folkracing does away with many cars that are too old to be considered usable for everyday driving but too new to have reached the status of a "veteran" or "antique".

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That was awesome... thanks for sharing!

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Maybe my favorite quote, "you get the horns when you put on the helmet."

I have great memories of going to Folkraces as a kid (my mom is Swedish). I even took Judge Phil to one a couple of years ago and we had great time. Grassroots racing at its best!

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You know, we oughta start an exchange program. . . .

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Reminds me of Altamont.

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I enjoyed the video. At the Dream Machines show our Lemons car was called a Disaster, a Joke & a Total POS, when we parked next to a bunch of pristine trailer queens. But compared to their race cars, Our's looks great!
The Horns comment was familiar. A former team mate stated after his first race "When I was out on the track, I wanted to find that A-hole that kept cutting me off & kick his ass. Now that it's the end of the day, I want to find him, give him a beer & tell him how much fun it was racing with him!"

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