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I'm doing a re-theme on our car and it will involve music and the use of my old Hifonics Thor amp from college that has been gathering dust for years.  Rather than buy sketchy aftermarket speakers on CL, I'd rather pick some decent speakers out of cars at Pick N Pull.  Anyone have any idea of what makes/models have decent speakers?

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Seems like anything high end is going to have good speakers in it and isn't likely to have been blown out by Scorpions turned up to 11.  Doesn't Cadillac use Bose?  My Jag and Saab use Harman-Kardon.

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Avoid most Bose stuff...much of it ain't great but ALLL of it is designed as a system.  Same thing with Monsoon stuff from VW.

Sony and Kicker spare-tire subs are a good call (lots of cars but Ford Focus and all trucks),

If you want to go older, there was a period everything in a Honda came from Alpine...but you have to love the late eighties/early nineties.

In the end, if you PnP allows it, pull crap out of late 1990's, decent quality and cranked up to max of 4 by their original owners.

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BMW uses HK as well.

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I had an A7 loaner that came with Bang & Olufsen kit. One piece even popped up out of the dashboard like a little dashboard boner. Aaaaaapproved.