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Topic: I race in "The 25" yesterday...

... and I felt like I was driving one of Spank's cars.

Actually it was a track day at Thunderhill and the last chance for teams to practice for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, so a lot of those teams were there. Three Lemons teams were there as well, the butt of good natured jokes during the driver's meeting, glad we could oblige. The Tinyvettte was the slowest of that bunch, until the Restart Racing's Ford Ranger (Corner Worker themed) blew it's motor. Better now than at Arse-Freeze. The Alfa (?) destroyed a shock tower but got it fixed. Yes, two of the three Lemons cars got towed yesterday.

But damn those other cars were fast! If not for my long "career" in Lemons I would have been in trouble out there. It was fun, really fun, going three-wide into T9 with some pros in pro cars, looking far back in my mirrors to see a bright orange something coming and counting to three before they were beside me going into T10.

I've always said that just like there is an art of the pass, there is an art of getting passed. There are things you can, and should, do to set up the inevitable, to make it work, and to some degree make it work the way you want it to work. I practiced that art a lot yesterday. Now I am even more ready for Arse-Freeze.

We'll see you all in a few weeks.

Hopefully Restart will have another motor by then. Knowing Gene, it will.


Re: I race in "The 25" yesterday...

A friend who used to run Lemons and currently runs Spec Miata and the 25 says Lemons is excellent passing practice.

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Re: I race in "The 25" yesterday...

I should add that those "pros" I was out there with, drove smart and patient, very much like how we see the Cervesa Racing guys do. A number of times they'd hold off on passing in what probably looked to them like either an ambiguous opportunity a low percentage pass. Good to see.

Then again there were several fast cars, not race cars, that tailed me for nearly a lap. Were they trying to learn the line from me? Were they bored and hoping to see me screw up, a form of entertainment? I suspect they were in awe of the Opel.