Topic: Looking to drive/wrench for any Midwest teams - St Louis

I'm a 2 times Lemons veteran from California who just moved to the St Louis metro.  I am looking to drive for a team at any event within a days drive of the St. Louis region.  If there is a local St. Louis region team I will gladly jump in to help out with wrenching.  At our ButtonTurrible race, another teammate and I swapped our Mk3 motor overnight.  I've had many project cars over the years so I am not afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty, and am capable of contributing to a build in every way except for welding/fabrication.

My driving background:
- Sears Pointless 2016
- ButtonTurrible 2016. 
- Multiple HPDE events at Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca, Thunderhill  (all in a Miata)

Consistently turned the fastest laps on our team in both races (4 drivers total), at Sonoma I was 10seconds faster than our closest driver.   We raced a 96' Jetta 2.0 at both Lemons races.  Never been black flagged.

PM me here if interested.

Re: Looking to drive/wrench for any Midwest teams - St Louis

PM sent

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Racing the "Toylet" Toyota Celica powered by Chevrolet Ecotec.
16x Loser with the Celica. 5 times loser in other fine machines