Topic: Dallas-Fort Worth Area Rookie Looking for Drives Anywhere

Hello all!

I'm brand new to the community here and I'm just putting out a feeler. Are there any teams that want to add a complete novice to their roster for building/wrenching/driving in DFW? If not, I would still love to find a drive for MSR Houston if anyone has an open seat.

Obviously, I'm looking to buy my way into a seat, but I'd be happy to help wrench, pit, and make food and beer runs. The whole point is to be part of the team and have fun, right?

Resume (no serious racing):
2 years of mediocre autocross performance (front wheel drive)
Past instructor for Tire Rack teen driving school (car control clinic)
5 years of arrive-and-drive rental karting (non-competitive, but not family-fun karts, either)
2 years of crashing without ruining other people's races in iRacing

Really, I'm a fairly conservative driver who likes to bring the car home in one piece. I feel like I might fit in here. Especially since the guys in the "other series" seem to take themselves a little too seriously from what I can work out.

Re: Dallas-Fort Worth Area Rookie Looking for Drives Anywhere

Hey Jayhawk Racer!

If you're interested in joining a team for the race in Houston in May, give me a shout.  Our team is looking for a driver or two for the race.  We've got a solid Class C car (not that it's solid, but it should be solidly placed in C) that we are just trying to make it last for the weekend - sounds like from your post you'd help us with that goal.  Not that you won't be able to have a lot of fun with it too.  Shoot me an email and I can give you all the particulars.