Topic: WTB - Jetta Fuel Accumulator box

have a '92 jetta 2.0 with a leaking fuel accumulator box. This is the CIS system that uses 2 fuel pumps and something like 50psi.

Any leads or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: WTB - Jetta Fuel Accumulator box

If it's the same as a 98 Jetta I probably have one. I know we won't be needing it.


Re: WTB - Jetta Fuel Accumulator box

You don't "have to" have an accumulator to run the car with CIS. It just makes it easier to start as the car retains some level of fuel pressure in the lines. On my VW race car I have a bad accumulator and I have to turn the key to the on position and then off 2-3 times and then crank it to get it to start when it's been sitting a few hours or more.

They are expensive parts to buy new. If you go to look at a pick n pull be aware that while  there were a number of different model cars that used CIS and an accumulator besides VW all of then are going to 20 years old or more.

Figure on a new one at around $100.
CIS is very expensive to get parts for.
You can run up a total well over $1000 in new parts for this FI system and still not replace all the important parts!

Re: WTB - Jetta Fuel Accumulator box

Fuel accumulators have been removed from Bosch K-Jet systems for decades.  For some reason, VW people call the system CIS.  I think the same people are responsible for referring to time trials as "time attack".
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Re: WTB - Jetta Fuel Accumulator box

That box is a pain.  It's possible to replace the assembly with an inline pump and delete that leaky plastic thing.  Personally, I think they're a hazard.  One bit of debris and the whole thing can shatter.