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What was it?  How did it work? Was it popular? What did BABE, acronym, stand for? What was Street Safari?  Anyone remember this thing? What was it like? Is this what the Lemons Rally is now? Why did it die? Was it fun....?

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BABE = Big Apple to Big Easy, i.e. NYC to NOLA. I never did it, but wish I had gotten the chance. My understanding is it was very similar to what the Lemons Rally is now. Not sure why it went away.

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three pedal mafioso are BABE rally veterans.  Sounds like they had a great time.

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I did the BABE once in 2008? 2007? Something like that. It was a ton of fun! It was organized by a guy named Justin and he was from the UK. It was tough for him to run the event - expensive and very time consuming - what with all the international travel. It never made him and money, I think, and from my limited understanding he just ran out of time to run it. Jim Thwaite (Thw8 on here, of Wartburg fame) and the 3pedal mafia guys were very active in it and Jim was even batting around the idea of running it once Justin was ready to give up. But it was a huge logistical hurdle to jump. So Jim started his own thing ( in the spirit of babe.

I met Jim and Chris and all the now-3pm gang at BABE. That was my start in crazy car stuff beyond just having stupid daily drivers. I found out about Lemons later and started racing - then ran into them at my first event when they were picking up the Wartburg! It is, indeed, a small world.

My recollection is something around a hundred cars on the BABE rally when I went. It was impressive to see at the hotel parking lots. Each car had 2+ people so we had quite a contingent running around New Orleans at the end. I wish I could have made it to more events but week long periods off work are hard to do for me.

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