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Hopes & Dreams racing is looking for 4 drivers for the May 2017, Real Hoopties of NJ race @NJMP

HnD Racing is fielding a 1994 Subaru Impreza L 2.2l manual. w/ 300,000 miles. so it should do racing very well.. definitely worn in.

HnD Racing is based out of Gouldsboro, PA. Northeast PA Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Area.

If you are looking to dominate, look elsewhere. We hopefully will make class C, and make lots and lots of circles around the track, have a blast doing it and hopefully have a running car at the end of the weekend.. Tall order I know.

We are setting the bar fairly low, This will be our 1st race, we have ALOT of learning to do. If this sound like something you'd like to do, if you enjoy mechanical insanity, please come race with us.

Our standards are low, all we ask is you are a team player, attempt to keep the car in running order and drive a manual.

Race experience of any kind would be nice, but as we are first timers we welcome all those who don't have a car and want to try as well.

$700 includes your admission/ fuel for the entire weekend. We'd prefer you buy your own equipment (suit, helmet, shoes, gloves, and at least fire proof undies) we have limited loaners, but if push come to shove, we'll try and make something happen. Lemons License is on you. We'll have a HANZ device we'll all share.. If you don't like sharing feel free to buy your own.

We are registered for all 3 NE region races, we haven't been accepted, but we've done our part on our end. So expect a post like this for CT & NH.  We have invite codes for all 3 races for those who join the team. Deadline for your driver fee is March 1st. if we're not accepted for any reason your money will be refunded in full.

Please check us out @: … 5130076388

Any questions feel free to email us @

Thank you
David Carter
Team Captain.

Re: Hopes & Dreams Racing looking for drivers NJMP May 2017

Just really curious, you are looking for (4?) drivers, and you are posting WE as an owner. how many drivers are you putting in the car for the race?

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Re: Hopes & Dreams Racing looking for drivers NJMP May 2017

Myself and one other are committed to the season financially. We need 2 more to be 4 so we can race.. we want 6 total, but what we want and what we need are 2 different things.


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Did you fill your spots yet?