Topic: Parking spot needed for our beloved Audi...somewhere near Brooklyn

Hey forum folks,
Jay from the Brooklyn Bomb squad here. We are looking for a free place to park our Audi for the winter and beyond.
Hoping to find a place near Brooklyn, NY.
Any ideas?

Re: Parking spot needed for our beloved Audi...somewhere near Brooklyn

Not exactly free, but practically free.

I have seen numerous times in Yonkers and the Bronx people storing  their cars in the municipal garages. I know this since the middle and upper levels of the garages are filled with cars under covers with inches of dirt and soot on them signifying that no one has touched the car in months or years,

This is the plan; they drive into the garage and collect a ticket from the automatic dispenser at the entrance of the garage and park the car. The ticket in the Bronx is 5.00 for the first hour, and them 1.50 hourly, but that does not matter.

When you need the car months or years later, you drive in with your daily driver and request a new ticket from the dispenser and use the second ticket to exit with the long term parked car. You can them claim lost ticket in the daily driver and pay full price for the day for the daily driver which is whole lot less than monthly parking.

At the Yonkers municipal garage, you do not need the daily driver for the second ticket, you can just walk up to the dispenser  and press the button for the new ticket and not go through the process of claiming a lost ticket. There you can have seasonal parking for $3.00!

Good luck

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Re: Parking spot needed for our beloved Audi...somewhere near Brooklyn

I keep my fleet in PA at self storage. its $50, but worth it for me.
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