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Topic: Anyone around Portland OR got a spare Toyota 3E sitting around?

I just got a message from a friend asking for help... even though I'm 2000 miles away. I've promised her nothing beyond a "well I can ask". From the sounds of it her '89 Tercel had a piston ring break apart and destroy the piston and cylinder wall, and she can't afford machining and rebuild. I'm assuming it's at a shop but she hasn't been forthcoming on details. I think her best bet is another engine. Don't know what space she'd have to work with or if she's confident enough to R&R the engine herself (definitely not incapable) so this might be a big ask. Again I've promised her nothing.
I suggested just getting another car but she claims too much hassle with registration being from out of the country. She's about to ditch the car and take a train home but she'd rather not go that route if she doesn't have to. Thanks in advance if anyone has suggestions.