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We are a new team and want to gets things right before our first race at CMP in April. So just wondering is there anyone or anywhere that does pre inspection to make sure everything is in order? The main reason I don't want to get there on Friday and be DQ the day before race day. Would like to have an inspection done 2 to 3 weeks before the race.

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Re: Pre inspection before race day inspection

There is no pre-inspection, but if you put where you are there may be some veteran teams nearby that can give your car a once over to see if they can find something wrong.

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Re: Pre inspection before race day inspection

If you can't find anyone nearby to look at your car ahead of time (or, actually, even if you can), I've found the following to be of great help:

Print an extra copy of the rules in their entirety and, armed with a chisel-tipped Sharpie, go through every single line of the rules, slowly, while inspecting the car. If that line is finished (not almost finished, not sort-of finished, not "I'll remember to get back to that" finished, but absolutely finished and ready to race as-is), then completely mark out that line with the Sharpie. This is the best way I've found to catch overlooked items and to focus on what still needs to be done. Keep working on the car until no part of the rules remain showing. Some of the items can't really be crossed out until after you've reached the track and done your final prep (such as bringing a jack and jack stands to tech), but at least you'll know precisely what these points are and what you need in order to take care of them, because you haven't crossed them out yet.

It's not a guarantee but it does tend to limit the amount of last-minute corrections at the track due to procrastination, forgetfulness, or hasty reading.

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Re: Pre inspection before race day inspection

Many a team has shown on Friday and spent all night fixing a problem.  You don't get DQed, you just get to fix it before racing.  Someone in your area should step up and look it over for you.  Veteran teams are good about that type of thing.

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