Topic: Seat rails

The rules say the seat can be mounted on rails but they must be double locking. Does that mean that both rails must have locks or both rails need locks on both sides? I would rather solid mount the seat but considering our team ranges from 5'10" to 6'7" that won't work.

Re: Seat rails

You can use OEM seat tracks but both side must lock.
I know that the track in my car came out of a Ford Escort and both sides do lock. The lever unlocks one side when you move is sideways and a wire that runs from the lever to the other side then pulls the lock on the other track and unlocks that track allowing the seat to  move.

I would guess that most modern OEM tracks have this feature, you just need to find the one that is easiest to fit to your car.

Re: Seat rails

Due to the low profile of rails needed to get our seat low enough in the car to meet head height restrictions, we ended up getting seat sliders and mounting kit from Speedway ( … ,7103.html). They are easy to install and rugged. We tried messing around with a set of Volvo sliders but decided it was easier to have some purpose-built hardware.

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