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Hello all!
Driver wanted for Sears Pointless race, March 25-26. Team FauxLorean is looking for one more driver to make a fourth. The car is the Back to the Future theme Ford Focus. It is well sorted running in the B group at the 2016 Arse-Freeze-Apaloosa, finishing 26th in that group. We are looking for an experienced, safe, of course fast driver (fast not a requirement, just a wishful thought)  to share 1/4 of the driving per day. If you have an interest in driving please drop me an e-mail or call 831 596-1181. We are located in the Santa Cruz area.
The cost to you, 625.00 This will cover driver fee, 1/4 car entry fee, gas, brakes, tires. Whats's not covered- Lemons license,your food, beer and a place to sleep. We have paid for paddock camping, if you want bring a car, tent, sleeping bag, cardboard, etc. to sleep in. The company will be good, no haters here.


Re: driver wanted for Sonoma

Hey Lou- have you found a driver yet?

I have a friend looking for a seat. He did Sonoma in December in Bobby Read's Celica and was clean but not fast. Lots of track day experience.



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