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Hi, everyone.

My buddies and I are prepping a 2002 PT Cruiser for the BFE GP and we're wondering what other people who have ran PT Cruisers did for the front and rear tow points? We can fabri-cobble something together, but if there's an easy way to set it up, we're open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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I do not race a PT cruiser, but built 4 other cars.  Typically we just wrap a tow strap to the bumper and put a bolt through the middle of it to hold.

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Re: PT Cruiser tow points

Euro spec PT's had a factory tow hook that threaded into a boss on the front bumper.  Not sure if the US ones still have the boss but if it does, should be easy to find a tow hook to thread in.

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Re: PT Cruiser tow points

I think we might just do that tow strap idea. It seems easy enough to do

I don't think the boss exists for a tow hook on the US bumpers, but I'll take a closer look tomorrow.

We have access to a welder, so we might just weld one on

Re: PT Cruiser tow points

I've also bought a couple feet of vinyl covered wire/cable, made a couple loops around something in the undercarriage and then a couple wire rope clamps.  Easy peasy.

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Re: PT Cruiser tow points

I just got a length of chain, looped it around the bumper attachment point, and let it hang down.   Crude, but effective.

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Re: PT Cruiser tow points

I thought this thread was called "PT Cruiser LOW points". And was wondering why it had so few responses.

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That's entirely possible, but we've still got a few ideas to run with