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Topic: 2 Drivers looking for a seat at NJMP

Father and son looking for 1 or 2 seats at NJMP both of us have all safety gear including suit, shoes, HANS, etc.

2 Lemons races (2015 & 2016 @ NJMP), Miata & a 300ZX
20+ HPDE track days at NJMP with a S2000, Miata and Mini Cooper S over last 3 years
We are NOT professional drivers NOR mechanics just beginners that can follow direction, keep the car on the track, know our limits and not get into any trouble. 
We also bring a 38 ft 5th wheel toy hauler to help out with the cooking and bar needs

email me at hcollins1@comcast.net or call/text 609-519-7316

Even if you don't have a spot open let me know which team your with so we will be sure to stop by.


Re: 2 Drivers looking for a seat at NJMP

swing by garage 22, seek out great globs of oil wink

This car....Is said to have a will of it's Own. Twisting its own body in rage...It accelerates on.
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Re: 2 Drivers looking for a seat at NJMP

There is a guy out of PA looking for 4 drivers.  He posted in the teams looking for drivers section you may want to check out.  Other option is post on the Lemons Lounge FB page.  Our apps are due on 3/18, so the week following that teams get more serious about looking for drivers and getting cars together as they know they are in.

Feel free to stop by Glue Stick Racing.  With 3 orange, blue and white cars you won't miss us.

Team Glue Sticks
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