Topic: East Coast Driver & Wrencher Looking for Team in Bay Area

My Tools have not been used in over 12 months and they are starting to revolt!  I need help finding a rowdy team out in the Bay area that I can wrench and drive with.

I moved out to the bay area alittle over a year ago to work at one of the big tech companies (what a surprise right haha).  Before moving I raced with my friends for 3 years at NHMS.  Unfortunately I couldn't bring them and the car with me....yet haha (one driver is in seatle now).

A Little about Lemons history:
Year 1: Mistakenly picked up an old firebird which had all the crazy vacuum emissions bs on it and a slush box....woof we learned.  Anyways we put in roll cage ourselves, also a mistake haha.  Managed to cut the roof off in process, but put back on sort of.   Made it to race day as the youngest (maybe stupidest) team there, but we had a blast and raced for a good portion of the two days.

Year 2:  Fresh off our first year we obviously needed more power.  So we swapped in LT1 and "new" junkyard tranny.  Needless to say that tranny screwed us.  Lost 3rd gear and tapped valves making the engine have a new hole between cylinders 2-4.  Again in our infinite brilliance we sources a craigslists buick roadmaster to serve as transplant.   Overnight swap with an egine/tranny that wasn't the same had us back on the track the next day.  I think getting threatened by the race venue  while being covered in ATF for making a mess was the highlight of that morning after.  Either way we loved it, and got heroic rebuild award that year.

Year 3:  Finally learning we switched cars.  Upgraded to an e36 from the boonies of NH was a big upgrade, or so we thought.  After completely rebuilding the suspension/subframe mounts (still got weld scars to prove it) the bimmer was ready to have someone else put a cage in it smile  Race day was uneventful and we raced whole time...minus on radiator swap but thats was walk in park.

Anyways I got the itch and the only way to scratch it is to wrench.

Current SItuation:
Living in Sf with a storage room full of tools that make me sad that I am not using them.  I commute to mountain view for work so really down to meet up anywhere along way if that works.

Looking for a team of fun people to wrench and do stupid things around the track with.

Re: East Coast Driver & Wrencher Looking for Team in Bay Area

I can vouch for this guy, shared a garage with him and his team a few times. Fun guy, good mechanic and clean racer on the track.

The Cosmonaughts - 86/88 MR2 with 1MZ V6