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On lap 5 of Sat. morning, the Road Race Jones #16 Sentra Ser was totaled by the # 25 Duster exiting the Carousel. The car is damaged beyond repair. We will have to see if the engine can be salvaged when it's back in the shop. During the first hour after the crash, four other drivers came by and told us that the Duster had been chopping people off in the corners forcing them to brake hard to avoid collision and/or blocking others from overtaking.
Our driver has some bruises and sore joints, but is otherwise going to be OK. He credits the Hans Device for preventing more serious injury. We're going to try to build a new car before the T-Hill race in May if we can find another SER.

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Two of our drivers stayed overnight and on Sunday morning some/all of the Duster team came over and offered apologies and also volunteered to check a SER down in Cambell as they are from the San Jose area and said that would haul it up to Williams if we wanted the car. Saturday we were pissed, Sunday we're good and Monday we'll smile and start over again. Thanks go out to the Duster team for coming over and talking to us.

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the car is damaged beyond repair

oh no. but great to know they're fine and just had some minor injuries. are they okay now?

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Yes, our driver is doing good and we are in possession of a new car which we are beginning to work on in hopes of making the T-Hill race in May.

The tranny was destroyed, but we haven't been able to check out the engine yet. The concern is whether or not the crank got bent in the sudden stop. Some sawzall work required to extract that item, but we've started to strip the new car. We'll transfer as much as possible one to the other.