Topic: Jackalope chased by the Polizei and a Rockin Coffin

Jackalope Jockey driver pismojim aka "The Kid" at SearsPointless 2017 Sunday. The Kid always seems faster when being chased by the Polizei - VW Van - #220 (3:08). Eventually he's passed by the Polizei (6:58) (after a well intended wave by into the Carousel (5:07) that inadvertently coincided with a yellow flag - Ooops! Sorry.) Then chases the Polizei for a few laps only to be passed by the #581 Volvo "Days of Thunder - Six Feet Under" (10:00). He couldn't get enough of the coffin flopping around in the back of the black Volvo hearse. Always fun!

A few more long boring in-car videos on the Jackalope Jockey's Youtube Channel.


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1977 VW Jackalope - SearsPointless 2015 - Vodden 2015