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Hey All,
I’m looking for a seat at NJ as our junk won’t be ready. One Lemon’s race and one Lemon’s Rally (only really counts from a build standpoint obviously) under my belt with other various track or kart related shenanigans in the past, nothing of amazing list-able note.

Myself (Pete) – I’m a Cancer, I like long walks in the junkyard at sunset, am very mechanical, can weld, fab, machine, and bodge my way into some sort of hapless creation on request. I restore aircooled VW’s (and now Mercedes apparently after Lemons rally) from top to bottom, so panel fab, engine work, etc, you name I’ve prolly tried fixing it (key word tried). Built 90% of our Lemons racer including the cage, suspension bits, the works, so I’m not afraid of wrenching or fixing issues, especially on a deadline. An engineer by trade with a decade of design and debugging experience with electromechanical systems in various equipment and currently work in a production machine shop, so I have a wide array of “skills” that may or may not be useful. Can bring tools, booze, skimpy outfits, whatever is needed. Have my own gear & HANS, but I’m a short SOB (5’5) so either I can tape blocks to my feet for a tall team or hopefully the seat is adjustable like ours.

I did most of the driving at Loudon for our team of 5 (car was on track 10-11 hours, drove at least 6-7 of that). Our team had no black flags, only one talking too, no contact (which was a feat considering how slow the wagon was the first day due to rear toe problems), I respect cars and especially other people’s stuff, and am planning to race our pile at Thompson and Loudon so I’m all in so to speak.

Drop me a PM or email if my kind of crazy matches yours or doesn’t… I can be big or little spoon either way

Re: NJMP seat

Seat secured, see everyone there!