Topic: 1979 Volvo 262c - free if it's to become a Lemons car - Santa Cruz CA

I recently was gifted a 262c from a friend who rescued it from going to the scrapyard.

It no longer has the PRV-6 engine but it has a B21F with an automatic swapped in for class C glory.  The swap was even ref'ed, so if you feel like trying to get it street legal, you can.

It has not ran in 15+ years

I took the vinyl top off and it revealed some rust holes in the roof.  Only rust on the car.

I am taking the interior and some other pieces but for the most part all the body parts will be attached and it will still have the engine, trans, suspension, fuel system, diff etc in it.  If you want any advice on setting it up, I have plenty of free advice to offer as well.

I was trying to hold on to the car and keep it complete for street use, but unfortunately even though I just got it yesterday, I lost storage space on my rally car today and this is at the bottom of my totem pole of Volvos.

PM me or call/text 831 402 5251 Patrick

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