Topic: FREE: Brand new STANT 45878 thermostat, 180F for Hondas

I have a premium (says so on the box), brand new, STANT #45878 180F thermostat that I bought for my old DD (97 Honda Accord 4cyl) that I never ended up using. If you could use it for your Lemons car or your DD, I'd rather have it in your garage than sitting in my office. Not worth selling

ROCKAUTO.COM says it will fit the following cars but please check first (don't be a hoarder).
ACURA    CL    1997-1999
ACURA    EL    2000-2005
ACURA    ILX    2013-2015
ACURA    INTEGRA    1986-2001
HONDA    ACCORD    1990-2002
HONDA    CIVIC    1984-2015
HONDA    CIVIC DEL SOL    1993-1997
HONDA    CR-V    1997-2001
HONDA    CRX    1988-1991
HONDA    FIT    2007-2010
HONDA    HR-V    2016
HONDA    INSIGHT    2000-2006
HONDA    ODYSSEY    1995-1998
HONDA    PRELUDE    1992-1996
ISUZU    AXIOM    2004
ISUZU    OASIS    1996-1997
STERLING    825    1987-1988
STERLING    827    1989-1991
TOYOTA    PICKUP    1981-1986

Email me using this system with your address and I'll ship it on my dime within the US (first class mail). If it arrives damaged or doesn't arrive at all, sorry, no refunds.
My only request is that you are someone who has been on this forum for >1yr or has 50+ messages so if you are some noob who just created an acct to score some free shit, you're SOL.

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Re: FREE: Brand new STANT 45878 thermostat, 180F for Hondas

I Hope it ends up in a Sterling (you should talk to mrpeugeot about that, speaking of)... How lemony.

Thanks for posting the complete chart of cross refs.

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Re: FREE: Brand new STANT 45878 thermostat, 180F for Hondas

I have 97 shitvic I'll be doing a rebuild on over the summer. I'll throw it in that.