Topic: Have 1-3 openings for njmp. Drivers/wrenches

Me and two buddies signed up, started to build a car, almost have the car done, could use a hand finishing it up and even working on it during the race. Hopefully which does not require a lot of working on other than maintenance at the race.  Minimum is for drivers. I think Max is six. I signed my wife up as a driver just to get us excepted and ready to race. I'm not sure if she is driving. If she is driving I still have two openings to have the total number of six. If she's not driving then I have three openings.  Me, my two teammates and the car are located in West Chester Pennsylvania about an hour and a half from njmp. The car is a lemon LOL but should be good (except the posi rear) text me 610-312-4269 for more info