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We started our repowered mustang for the first time Thursday night at 10:00 to pull it onto the trailer.  Engine was a free 200+k mile 5.0 from a 95 mustang GT, bolted to a stock turbo 2.3 T5 trans.  We pulled all the tech off it, installed an unknown 4 barrel and 1 wire HEI.

Got to the track around 1130 AM, got the car off the trailer and started fiddling with it.  Randy and Rob from Dumb as a a Brick came over to help, and we eventually put the car into their garage.  Small details were taken care of to get the car through tech and we went through with no problems.  BS- A, zero.  I wasn't going to argue, was concentrating on making it through the weekend.  Randy spent quite a bit of time getting the carb dialed in, and we covered it up after setting timing. 

Saturday rolled around, and it was very wet.  NJMP is pretty notorious for standing water and we had lots of it. A decision was made to replace the comms wiring harness by the car owner,.  Bad choice.  with 5 minutes till parade laps, we were trying to re install the old harness.  We had no working comms.  We sent our senior member out first, and he came in early.  Black flag, TRD Supra hit him on the outside of a turn with a low percentage pass.  He also said front end now had a vibration.  Wheel bearings weren't too snug, so we snugged them up.  after a few more laps, windshield wiper stopped working.  Removing right side wiper and spraying some oil on the assembly helped.  We were running 55 minute stints, to get everyone in the car, so we cycled drivers through.  Some came in for more wiper adjustments, some didn't.  On my stint, I saw maybe 5 or 6 cars stopped at track out over my 45 minutes.  At least 1 hydrolocked and broke their engine.  We managed to stay out on track for the entirety of Saturday and came in at P82. 

Sunday was a completely different story.  Beautiful sun, a steady breeze with gusts, and low 70's.  On the parade laps, a Subie spun out right on the front straight.  Trans locked up and sent him off the track.  A great stroke of luck, as a full speed rear wheel lockup with wet grass could have been very bad. Green dropped, and aside from the many yellows for cars spinning and 2/4 offs, it went pretty well all day. The car ran like a top all day Sunday and we moved up 30 spots to finish P52.  Not awful for a fresh (re)build.

A quick apology to the 850 Volvo, as I went to pass, you didn't see me, and a yellow flag dropped at the same time.  Sunday, maybe 1230-100.

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Sunday 200x better than Saturday.

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I'd like to thank Matt for throwing the Mustang's keys (start button?) to a w2w newbie like me.  Definitely a trial by fire for a first race but tons of fun and a great learning experience.  Hard not to have a good time when your junk runs all weekend long! 

It was also great to meet Racing Rob, Randy, bacon-peddling Sam, and many others.  I hope to be out for another event this year.

Here is a juxtaposition between the monsoon-a-palooza Saturday and the great weather Sunday.

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If you squint, you can see a turtle in the bottom pic, about 3 cars in front of the hot dog stand.

Great driving by everyone, especially on Saturday.  This was our first trip to Thunderbolt and we all loved the track. We had our best finish ever thanks to the car not breaking and faster pit stops. 3rd in class B and 12th overall.  We might have managed 2nd place if I didn't get busted and black flagged  for speeding in the pits (18mph in a 5mph) on our way to the full service fuel pumps.

Nice clip from Sunday thanks to team Junkernaut's Ford Contour.

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I was wondering what happened with the Subaru.  Unlucky break with as lucky as you can get timing-wise.  I just want to thank everyone for (apparently) being mindful of standing water and not being side-by-side with others going through.  I was already wet enough!  That might have been self-preservation, though.  Our car threw a lot of water sideways at window level due to the fenders being mostly gone.