Topic: Activating Lemons Regional Contractor Network: SoMD

Living 2,500+mi from my Mommy has it's benefits, and it also has its minuses.

I'm looking to have some interior paint work and carpeting done at her place in Bryans Road (Indian Head) and would like to hire some professionals who can accomplish the work June 24-July 2nd while I'm out there.

If you or someone you know is such a professional and wants the work during that time, please shoot me an email and I'll respond with my number and we can chat details.

carpeting is living, dining, and hallway maybe 600 to TOPS 800 sqft of carpeting.Painting the same area including ceiling pus entryway. Possible kitchen repaint and linoleum. Other rooms possible, but time and price dependent. 

I"m not afraid to paint it myself. I just would rather actually vacation while I'm there instead of working.

FWIW, my mom is a retired contractor herself-- paper hanger-- but rather than go through her old contacts I figured I'd post up here. Plus, giving her heads up to my plans might cause it to snowball and I'd rather "hit her" when she's not looking and before she has a chance to offer too much input.