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I was curious if there are any Lemons teams out there in the Oklahoma area? Specifically the northeast Oklahoma area. Any help or contact is appreciated. Thanks

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Howe and company for one out of the OKC area.  At least two others I cannot remember.

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The only Oklahoma based team I know of in Lemons is Oklahoma Speed (ok-speed) who is mostly in OKC. There are several single people who are parts of other teams (mostly Texas teams) that seem to be OKC based as well.

Rocksteady Racing is based in Tulsa, but he's a WRL Miata that runs in ok-speed's cars when schedules allow.

I'm not all that active on the boards anymore, since they got blocked at work, so I can't say how often the Oklahoma folk get on here.

Many of us have  migrated to Facebook.

Oklahoma is kinda weird for Lemons. Lemons doesn't race at hallett, and the Texas races are in Houston, so most Lemons races end up being a long haul. Our last Lemons race was autobahn 2015.

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Re: Are there any Oklahoma teams

Yes, my race team called  Cuzzin' Racing from Tahlequah, Oklahoma.   We been racing for two years.