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Topic: Ford Escort GT, w/ Turbo & suspension. 499 - south east PA

Ford Escort GT.
Built motor with less than 10k miles, forged internals, cam ect.
progressive spring rate coil overs. rebuilt trans and performance clutch/flywheel and new axles. mostly solid body. have title & several sets of wheels with dry rotted tires.

My wife built this car a decade ago with some gem parts that we imported. some of it, like the cooling system & electrical was whatever could be found to make it work.

We autocrosses and drag raced it for several years before it was parked 5 years ago while we moved around chasing jobs.

The engine has perfect compression and under the valve cover it looks exactly like it did when it was built just a few miles ago... it should be solid as a rock. never ever had a single mechanical issue.. other than snapped axles..

Needs to be gutted and the wiring & cooling system redone at minimum. its rough from sitting, breaks bearings ect are old.

I was keeping it whit the hope of building my own Lemons car, but friends keep flaking out and I really just don't have the time to build it myself.

Located in Honey Brook pa.

499$ or free if your local and you are willing to let me on the team.

images to follow...

Re: Ford Escort GT, w/ Turbo & suspension. 499 - south east PA

What year is it?

Re: Ford Escort GT, w/ Turbo & suspension. 499 - south east PA

Why don't you just join my team?  We have an 87 mustang, 88 T bird, 72 Pinto and 67 Galaxie.  And a Miata.  And a 71 Fury Custom Suburban.  And some more stuff.

Cars are up in Fleetwood.  Reasonably priced weekends.

Send me a message through the forum.

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Re: Ford Escort GT, w/ Turbo & suspension. 499 - south east PA

dharris1971 wrote:

What year is it?

Still available apparantly. it's the 1981–1990 generation., not the one with Mazda BP engine.

Re: Ford Escort GT, w/ Turbo & suspension. 499 - south east PA

So you've thought about building your own team and you're located in eastern PA.  And you have a thing for Escorts.

I think we should talk.  I'm a one man operation, after having relocated from Illinois to Pennsylvania. (Grew up in the Harrisburg area.)

I've been campaigning a 1982 Ford EXP since 2013.  We typically finish right in the middle of the standings with one of the slowest "fast laps" in the field.  Stock 1.6 L non-HO through a 4-speed manual makes it just about the worst Escort powertrain you could choose.

But the car is solid and handles reasonably well.

Send a message if you'd like to pair up.  I'm in Coopersburg.

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