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Topic: Racecapture/Pro Mk2 w/ wifi and bluetooth - $400 - Michigan

I'm selling my Racecapture/Pro Mk2, with the bluetooth module, wifi module and a cable to connect to the car. This is a laptimer and telemetry device for racing (hpde, time attack, autox, etc).

There are no issues with it, I am just switching to AIM so i can better compare data to the people i race with.

I will also include the mounting brackets for the device (not pictured) that I removed so that it could fit in the center console of my car.

The Racecapture is configured to read all known CAN mappings from the FRS/BRZ. The device can be reset to factory settings if requested. The cable was made by me and takes power from the obd2 port and connects to the CAN passthru pins.

They just released an update to the app this weekend that makes a lot of improvements. The UI is a lot quicker.

Asking $400 shipped.